3leafs 'the art of smART'

Never in the history of the world has it been urgently critical than now to spend more time on enhancing our lifestyles rather than trying to chaotically manage our homes as well.

3leafs has curated a simplistic, yet powerful, AI system.



Simplified Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Home
How many times have you left your home, only to have to turn back, 'cause you weren't sure you had turned off the stove? SAI knows when you are away from home, without being prompted and goes about making sure appliances that should be supervised are shut off.
When done, SAI simply sends you an update to what she did and that's it!
Home Security
Integrated security features with no monthly fees or contracts.
Home intruders are not only a thing of the past with SAI, she will make sure your home stays secured 24/7. You get an instant notice the moment a threat is detected around your home. You get the option to call the police or SAI will do it for you.
Yes! to Saving Money
Auto-detects change in weather and adjusts your HVAC to comfortable living temperatures, thereby saving you money on energy and heating.
What about lights left on while away from home? SAI knows when you are away and will shut off any lights left on.

"Technology is no longer a choice, but has evolved into our modern lifestyles......."

Stephen Ezekwem, 2016, LiveCode Conference, UK


Why SAI?

Our cars provide us security when it comes to collision warnings or avoidance and yet our greatest investment, our home, is still stuck in the past. Now is time to bring it home. We go beyond traditional smart systems and automation. SAI is barely noticeable but yet an indespensible part of our everyday way of living.

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